The Black Keys Please

Akron, Ohio
My beautiful red dog, Frankie

My beautiful red dog, Frankie

thesearegospel asked: Write 10 facts about yourself and send to your 10 favorite followers!!

10 facts about me
1. Hate summer, love winter
2. I have seen 26 bands live so far, not including bands I’ve seen more than once
3. My full name is Cassandra, everyone calls me Cas
4. I have a Bon Iver tattoo
5. I collect vinyl
6. I hate Starbucks coffee, but I drink it anyways
7. I’ve been to a psychic
8. I have visited Canada
9. My dog is taller than me on his hind legs- he is a big red dog (Hungarian vizsla)
10. I drive a 2012 Toyota Yaris


Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Roslyn

I listened to this song while watching fireworks with letitgoldfish and it was honestly one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Kanye West

—Lost In The World (feat. Bon Iver)


GQ rated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as the best album of the 21st Century, and I couldn’t agree more.

Lost In The World…my personal favorite.